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Small Rockets, Multiple Launches

Innovation in Aerospace Technologies and

Launch Services

Who we are

We believe that accelerating space exploration generates benefits and improves life on Earth.

To make  Agile Aerospace viable, BIZU is a startup that aims to offer optimized rockets with customized launch services ideal for your business.

Our mission is linked to technological advancement and the many benefits that access to space provides for humanity. We intend to facilitate and accelerate this access for all micro and nano satellite companies and institutions in Brazil and the world.

We seek, since the beginning, to integrate and bring our audience closer to carry out training, research and experiments in our launch and flight tests with the Beija-Flor 1 (BF-1) rocket.

Nosecone with capacity to carry 1 cansat up to 1 kg

Payload module with a capacity of 2 cansats totaling 1 kg

Aerodynamic stabilization with fins


Reefed parachute recovery system

Class K Solid Rocket Motor


"Think big,
start small
and walk fast.”

Small satellites require small vehicles.

Today we already offer technology testing services in our first rocket developed and approved for launch: the Beija-Flor 1.

Check our Projects tab for more technical details about flights, tests and features of our products.

If you are interested in being part of the next launches, fill in the form below to make your launch reservation or follow the operation as a spectator and we will contact you.

BIZU in numbers


Years of hands-on making aerospace technology


Successfully launched and recovered rockets


Action fronts: solid and liquid propulsion


A team of 10 professionals with more than a decade of experience in the space technology

Business strategy

Access to space for Micro and Nano Satellites

These are the satellites that are in Class 4 (between 1-25kg) and Class 3 (between 26-60kg). 

Optimized orbit

Deploy the satellite in the exact orbit saving the positioning route adjustment.


Weekly release schedule

Simpler solutions with smaller, low-cost, high-availability vehicles.

Dedicated launches

Personalized service with launch window according to your demand, without long queues and being able to make punctual replacements.

Technological Park of Sorocaba

A partnership aimed at training young talent and encouraging them to enter the aerospace industry


Univap Technological Park

Partnership that provides us with an important environment of technology, networking and security to carry out our rocket tests.

Developments and news


The PUY-1 is the name given to our second rocket, currently under development.

Its proposal is to be a technological demonstrator of an ecological and reusable drilling vehicle that operates with liquid propulsion using storable propellants. Its objective is to demonstrate liquid propulsion technology in flight and be used both in model rocketry and as an object of study for universities and schools.

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